A Soldier of the Cross of Christ

by Br. Hubert & Sis. Domo Manilla

Sister Pat, our sister-in-law, was a soldier of the cross of Christ. She fought and stood against indiscipline among Christians, ungodly traditions and customs of the land, etc. She was not a Christian who followed the crowd. She was a prayer warrior who touched the lives of many through her prayers. SISTER PAT FOUGHT A GOOD FIGHT OF FAITH AND SURELY LAID HOLD OF ETERNAL LIFE. WE WILL TRULY MISS HER.

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Pat Manilla, the Daughter of Zion

by Michael Manilla

Sister Pat, as she was fondly called, was my wife, my sister, confidant and companion for the past 20 years. She was a strong and remarkable person who touched my life in many ways, and indeed the lives of many who were part of her lifetime – the Brethren, her Colleagues, her Students and all her siblings. She was a principled and disciplined believer of the Lord Jesus Christ.

As the news of her passing on to be with the Lord on the 28th of February, 2013 filtered across and I began to receive calls from all over the world, from those I have met and those I have never met, I thought and said to myself that this Daughter of Zion is indeed a BLESSING to her generation. For me the greatest legacy she left behind is that she made me a better (if not a greater) man under God.

As Emmanuel, Ruth and I come to terms with the fact that she won’t be here for us anymore, please share this moment with us as we celebrate the life, the legacies, the achievements and times of this great Woman of God.

Michael Manilla, Port Harcourt, NIGERIA

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